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Not all leather is the same. Like human skin, this fascinating natural material requires special care. Especially our vegetable-tanned Vitallo leathers develop their very individual character when properly cared for. However, only the highest quality leather cosmetics should be used for this purpose. In extensive tests, we have determined the appropriate care products and their correct application.

The same applies to high-quality synthetics and functional textiles, such as those used in our sports shoes. Here, too, proper care is essential to ensure that the materials retain their suppleness and elasticity to withstand the high stresses. Learn how to properly care for your Vitallo, VitalloFlex or Runnertune shoes below.


Clean your shoes in dry condition with a soft brush. Dirt and dust can be removed most easily this way. Please do not wash shoes in the washing machine as a matter of principle. Remove liquids as soon as possible with a dry cloth – without rubbing.

Smooth leather

Care for high-quality, dyed-through leather with a colorless shoe polish, as this reactivates the color pigments in the leather and adds necessary care substances. Massage the cream evenly into the leather with a soft cloth and polish with a lint-free cloth or polishing brush.


About every two weeks your shoes should be treated with a high-quality waterproofing spray for leather and synthetics. This maintains the material, activates the colors and makes it less sensitive to the effects of moisture and dirt. Shoes should always be cleaned before impregnation.


Our synthetics used are easy to care for. Rough synthethics are best cleaned with a brush when dry. Smooth synthetics can be cleaned with a damp cloth. When clean and dry, maintain the material with a waterproofing spray for synthetics.


After each wearing, your shoes should air out for at least 24 hours. For this purpose, they are best rested on well-fitting wooden shoe trees. These absorb moisture in the shoe and keep it in shape. Please always store your shoes in a normal temperature place with good air circulation.

Functional textiles

Our processed functional textiles should only be cleaned from dust and dirt in dry condition with a soft brush. For care and color activation should be regularly sprayed with a waterproofing spray for functional textiles.


Should your shoes ever get soaked, please remove the Climatocork footbed from the shoe to dry them and place them in a well-ventilated room. Please never dry the shoes directly on a heater, as the materials suffer from direct heat exposure.

Suede leather

For suede shoes, cleaning should be done only in dry condition with a suede brush. Subsequently, the leather can be treated and the color refreshed with a special suede/rough leather care product. Speckled areas are roughened again with a special roughening rubber.

Hand care

Always clean and maintain your shoes by hand. Do not use polishing machines, which are usually dirty and can damage their shoes. Polish your shoes by hand with a lint-free polishing cloth and use only high-quality care products.

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