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FAQ General

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FAQ General

We are an innovative traditional company and focus on the highest quality. Our manufactory has existed since 1948 in the third generation. Learn more about our history here.

One of our major goals is to manufacture sustainable and environmentally friendly products – starting with the selection of innovative, ecological raw materials, through the actual manufacturing process, to the recycling of any material residues. As a matter of principle, we are very keen to use raw materials of German or European origin in order to support our local supplier industry on the one hand and to guarantee short transport routes on the other. A point, by the way, that also contributes to the excellent eco-balance of our shoes. In addition to the origin of our raw materials, we also attach importance to their ecologically and socially compatible production. Our standard processed nappa upper leather and lining leather are all made in Germany. The highest guidelines are observed with regard to working conditions, wastewater disposal and environmental protection. You can find out more about sustainability here.

“MADE IN HIP” does not only stand for “made in Hilpoltstein”, but rather for lived sustainability with ecological materials, promotion of regional structures up to the recycling of material residues.
“MADE IN HIP” of course also stands for the highest quality – a word with many meanings and possible interpretations. In our case, quality is synonymous with traditional craftsmanship, passion and perfection. Unlike many companies that claim the term manufacture for themselves, but contrary to this produce industrially (and often in cheaper foreign countries), with us the priority in the production is also actually and clearly on “Manus”. As a consequence, every shoe, every accessory, is handmade at the highest level in our manufactory in Hilpoltstein.
The resource time is also an important factor in the production of our shoes. We take this time – because the quality of our products is our top priority. That’s why only a limited number of one-of-a-kind pieces are produced each year in our factory in Hilpoltstein, Germany, but all of them are masterfully crafted and reflect our passion for shoes, leather, design and craftsmanship à la “MADE IN HIP”. You can learn more about it here.

Basically, for a shoe from our manufacture: only the best is good enough. In addition to the build quality, this of course also applies to the processed materials. But not all leather is the same, and there are also major differences in quality when it comes to textiles and technical plastics. However, only the highest quality is considered for a Hackner shoe. Because the highest material quality and maximum wearing comfort go hand in hand. Therefore, the demand on our suppliers and the quality of their goods is also very high. You can learn more about it here.

What makes a shoe from the Hackner manufactory and raises it far above the status of an ordinary shoe is not only the first-class workmanship or the finest materials, but it already starts with the manufacturing techniques. It is part of our philosophy to combine tradition and modernity. In this way, we combine the valued properties of classic, tried-and-tested fabric types with the advantages of modern high-tech materials to achieve the best product properties such as low weight, high flexibility and maximum wearing comfort. You can learn more about it here.

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