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Kreative Ideen für bessere Schuhe


What makes a shoe from the Hackner manufactory and raises it far above the status of an ordinary shoe is not only the first-class workmanship or the finest materials, but it already starts with the manufacturing techniques. It is part of our philosophy to combine tradition and modernity. In this way, we combine the valued properties of classic, tried-and-tested fabric types with the advantages of modern high-tech materials to achieve the best product properties such as low weight, high flexibility and maximum wearing comfort.

In doing so, we rely on manufacturing methods that have been developed in-house and perfected over decades. Innovative components such as our breathable Climatocork footbed are manufactured exclusively in-house. Among other things, we use high-strength carbon fiber materials, particularly abrasion-resistant rubber compounds and technical textiles, such as tear-resistant synthetic fibers, for areas of extreme stress. Combined with the finest leather and cork, the result is something unmistakable and very special: a Hackner shoe.


For our footbed technology, we use the characteristic properties of the renewable raw material cork, such as low weight and natural cushioning resources. Through special manufacturing processes, we also give it moisture absorption capacity and natural breathability.

Exchange system

Nearly 40 years ago, it was something revolutionary when Friedrich Hackner developed the concept of a shoe with a removable interior. Many other manufacturers have since copied this principle. However, in combination with our Climatocork technology, it remains unique.

Measuring kit

When ordering a pair of Runnertune or VitalloFlex, we will send our Measuring Kit in advance. As you step into the foam impression, a stress impression of your feet is made, which gives us all the important information we need to send you your new shoes in the appropriate size.


Hand-sewn shoes are in a class of their own. Through ingenuity, we have refined these traditional ways of making so that our custom shoes serve the lifestyle of today in addition to classic attributes – with maximum comfort, maximum flexibility and light weight.

Milling process

The combination of tradition and modernity gives rise to superior things. Therefore, we rely on state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques, such as CNC milling to produce high-precision components. We mill the midsoles of our sports models from a homogeneous block of material for the highest quality.


Manufacturing techniques perfected over many years enable the highest quality. Materials and processes have been optimally matched to each other in long-term tests, resulting, for example, in high-precision bondings that appear “as if from a single mold”.

Tech materials

We use superior materials from other industries and process them with specially developed techniques to make our shoes even better. Like fiber-reinforced plastics from aircraft construction – they provide strength in areas subject to high stress while saving weight.


In order to use the excellent properties of Climatocork to customize the footbed, we have developed an equally unique molding process. In our masterfitting, a vacuum is used to mold the footbed directly to the customer’s unloaded foot.


In our shoes, aesthetic and technical design go hand in hand. We use material-specific properties and implement them in the design of our models. For example, when designing a dust flap, we take into account the stretchability of the material to make it easier to get into the shoe.

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