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Finest materials

Basically, for a shoe from our manufacture: only the best is good enough. In addition to the build quality, this of course also applies to the processed materials. But not all leather is the same, and there are also major differences in quality when it comes to textiles and technical plastics. However, only the highest quality is considered for a Hackner shoe. Because the highest material quality and maximum wearing comfort go hand in hand. Therefore, the demand on our suppliers and the quality of their goods is also very high.

Quality is also an important health aspect. Thus, the skin-friendliness of our pollutant-tested materials and their sustainability is firmly anchored in our corporate philosophy, as is their origin. Wherever possible, we try to source the raw materials we use from manufacturers close to us in order to maintain tried and tested structures and preserve the great wealth of experience and know-how in the production of excellent raw materials in Germany and Europe.

Natural leather

Our leathers are unmistakable in their structure and feel – a unique piece of nature. Of particular importance to us, however, are also the wearing properties: Therefore, our supple, vegetable-tanned and breathable lining leather is tested for best skin compatibility.

Natural cork

Genuine cork is a renewable raw material in the truest sense of the word and is used for our Climatocork footbed. Cork inspires with a variety of unique properties, such as natural damping capacity, low weight and excellent climatic qualities.

Functional textiles

We also pay attention to the highest quality and excellent wearing properties when using functional textiles. Thus, we use textiles that meet the strict Oeko-Tex guidelines and are tested for their skin-friendliness.

Real rubber

For maximum grip with every step, our rubber outsoles. True rubber soles offer superior grip compared to their synthetic substitutes. That is why we use only real rubber outsoles of German and European traditional manufacturers.

Tech material

Particularly highly stressed areas on the shoe require special materials of high strength and resistance. Here we use materials that have already proven their superior strength in motorsports or aviation – such as carbon, Nomex or Kevlar.

Shock absorption

Maximum resilience and stability combined with maximum flexibility and minimum weight characterize our cushioning midsoles. CNC-milled, they convince with precisely defined roll points for first-class step handling and with the best damping properties.

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