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One of our major goals is to manufacture sustainable and environmentally friendly products – starting with the selection of innovative, ecological raw materials, through the actual manufacturing process, to the recycling of any material residues. As a matter of principle, we are very keen to use raw materials of German or European origin in order to support our local supplier industry on the one hand and to guarantee short transport routes on the other. A point, by the way, that also contributes to the excellent eco-balance of our shoes. In addition to the origin of our raw materials, we also attach importance to their ecologically and socially compatible production. Our standard processed nappa upper leather and lining leather are all made in Germany. The highest guidelines are observed with regard to working conditions, wastewater disposal and environmental protection.

The actual tanning agents needed to make our leathers are obtained from the bark and fruit of various tree species. The use of these renewable raw materials conserves the natural resources of our earth and also results in a unique product that is excellently tolerated by the skin and guarantees maximum wearing comfort.
We also rely on environmentally friendly alternatives for synthetics. One example of this is the functional textiles of our VitalloFlex golf models, which are manufactured using the cradle-to-cradle process.
We also recycle valuable raw materials when disposing of leftover materials, and for this purpose we work together with a nearby environmental company, where acoustic insulation panels are manufactured from leftovers from our sole production.

Natural leather

Our standard processed nappa leather and lining leather are vegetable tanned with renewable plant parts, tested for harmful substances and are all manufactured in Germany – in compliance with the strictest guidelines regarding working conditions, waste water disposal and environmental protection.

Natural cork

Our cork is obtained from the bark of Portuguese cork oaks. It is a renewable raw material in the truest sense of the word. From the age of 25 years, these oaks are gently peeled every 9 years. The bark grows back again and therefore no tree has to be cut down for this.

C2C textiles

Special functional textiles are used in our sports shoes. Here, in addition to best skin friendliness, we also pay attention to a very good eco-balance. For example, in VitalloFlex golf models we use woven fabrics that are manufactured using the environmentally friendly cradle-to-cradle process.


In addition to quality, we pay attention to the origin of our raw materials used. Wherever possible, we try to source our materials locally. As this not only reduces the carbon footprint during transport, but also strengthens regional structures and preserves jobs.


Residual rubber and EVA materials from the production of our soles are recycled by a nearby environmental company and given a second life as valuable raw materials.


Our shoes are not “disposable” items. In the spirit of sustainability, all our models are designed and constructed in such a way that they can also be repaired. So if your Hackner shoes ever need a pit stop, feel free to contact us.

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