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Runnertune in test

At first glance, the Runnertune doesn’t look like a running shoe at all, it looks more like a sporty low-top shoe. The black base color combined with the red stitching and the red sole give the shoe a classy and very timeless look.

Not only the look is timeless, because the shoes last practically indefinitely thanks to the possibility of having them resoled. The upper shoe is made of very durable material and even the insole made of cork I have not yet been able to conquer with my several hundred miles of running. When soling the shoes, both the outer sole and the midsole are renewed, so with each new sole, the cushioning of the shoe is also renewed. The upper shoe and insole, on the other hand, remain unchanged, so the shoes do not have to be broken in again. Thanks to this offer of the shoe manufactory, the shoes are thus practically infinitely runnable and thus unique in terms of sustainability.

The shoe offers a high level of stability. Since it has a specially shaped footbed, it offers a very high level of comfort unlike many other running shoes. The cork insole makes the shoe very breathable, which means no sweating and no blisters. Especially during longer runs and when the shoe gets wet, this is a very grateful detail.

The Runnertune is a very direct shoe, which means that the power transmitted from the foot to the ground does not dissipate, but is generated directly into propulsion. This makes the shoe very fast and challenges the runners. Because similar to barefoot running, the calf muscles have to do a relatively large amount of work. Thus, the Runnertune can be used, for example, to set special training stimuli.

For me as a triathlete, the Runnertune is used as both a training shoe and a competition shoe. I just appreciate the pronounced footbed, which was customized to my feet. For longer runs, this represents a very high level of comfort for me. Likewise, I’m a big fan of the direct running feel that pushes me forward dynamically and doesn’t leave me stuck in the comfort zone.

Tested by professional triathlete Annika Timm –